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Our Goal
Committed to the creation of the best career development platform to promote the harmonious development of enterprises

Basic Criteria
Human Resources is the Strategic Development Resource of Enterprise Core.
Respect, appreciate, care for, inspire and develop people
Make the effort to strengthen the cultivation of healthy personality and enhance professional expertise

Competency Standards
Professional Accomplishment: professional cultivation, lifelong learning, knowledge sharing, good mentality
Customer Orientation: close demand, clear standards, continuous improvement, excellent service
Good Communication:frank and, honest, tolerance and understanding, transpositional consideration, mutual support
Crisis Consciousness: being vigilant in peace time, bold action, survival of the fittest
Innovation and change: global vision, global thinking, strategic thinking and being sagacious and resolute

Promotion of alent
Identify with corporate culture and safeguard enterprise's interests
Match the ability with position and achieve outstanding performance
Create good team atmosphere andtrain excellent successors